What are the shoe fabrics?

What are the shoes fabric

Thermoplastic material TPU

A hard and easy to bend plastic material. Provide good support, protection. For all kinds of Nike upper, to strengthen the upper support.

Mesh cloth Mesh

With nylon, polyester fiber woven into the mesh fabric. Lightweight, breathable. Used for sports shoes.

Anti fur fur Nubuck

Made of leather with leather, and then polished to make it soft. Breathable and wearable, valuable. Applicable with Nike's various high, medium price upper.

Full leather surface

Leather made of leather. Breathable, wearable, valuable. Widely used in various types of Nike, high-end sports uppers.

Toe Wear Resistant Sheet Drag-on

Made of ultrafine fibers. Very wearable. Used in the shoe shoes on the toe to provide additional protection.

Artificial synthetic leather

Made of ultra-fine fibers and PU polyamine made of high-level artificial leather. Light, not easy to deformation, with the same leather as breathable, wearable. Widely used in various high-priced Nike sports shoes uppers.